Rules of Civil Procedure Apply in Family Court Cases

I have extensive experience with applying the rules of civil procedure from my time as a commercial litigation attorney and as an creditors rights attorney. As your Louisville Divorce or Family Law Attorney I know how to best proceed in your case to get the result you want in court.

403.130 Rules of Civil Procedure to apply.

(1) The Rules of Civil Procedure apply to all proceedings under this chapter,
except as otherwise provided in this chapter.

(2) A proceeding for dissolution of marriage, legal separation, or declaration of
invalidity of marriage shall be entitled “In re the Marriage of …. and …..” A
custody or support proceeding shall be entitled “In re the (Custody) (Support)
of …..”

(3) The initial pleading in all proceedings under this chapter shall be denominated
a petition. A responsive pleading shall be denominated a response. Other
pleadings, and all pleadings in other matters under this chapter, shall be
denominated as provided in the Rules of Civil Procedure.
(4) In this chapter, “decree” includes “judgment.”

(5) A decree of dissolution or of legal separation, if made, shall not be awarded to
one (1) of the parties, but shall provide that it affects the status previously
existing between the parties in the manner decreed.