Married Parent’s are Presumed to be the Child’s Father

If a man in Kentucky is married and his wife gives birth, that child is presumed to be his child. As your Kentucky family law attorney I help guide my client’s through paternity actions to help establish parenting time.

406.011 Obligations of father — Presumption of paternity.

The father of a child which is or may be born out of wedlock is liable to the same
extent as the father of a child born in wedlock, whether or not the child is born alive,
for the reasonable expense of the mother’s pregnancy and confinement and for the
education, necessary support and funeral expenses of the child. A child born during
lawful wedlock, or within ten (10) months thereafter, is presumed to be the child of
the husband and wife. However, a child born out of wedlock includes a child born to
a married woman by a man other than her husband where evidence shows that the
marital relationship between the husband and wife ceased ten (10) months prior to
the birth of the child.